Meet the Editors of

Kadhai Osai 

Bavya Keerthivasan

 Bavya’s love for Tamil language has been there since her childhood and she loves to write journals in Tamil. She aspires to become an audio book narrator soon. Her favourite authors are Sandeepika, Sujatha, La Sa Ra, Gokul Seshadri – to name a few!


Srinithya Sundar

Srinithya fell in love with Tamil literature very recently and loves editing and proof-listening. She firmly believes that audio-books are uniquely magical in teleporting the listeners to the worlds created by the authors’ pens aka wands!

Kadhai Osai runs on your support

Kadhai Osai has been non-commercial and we would like to retain it so. To enable us produce quality audio-books, we need your support.

As you know, we at Kadhai Osai are very particular about our quality not just in terms of pronunciation/modulation but also sound quality. We use professional mic and sound-editing software to bring about the best experience for you. Every episode requires a lot of effort in recording, editing, proof-listening and posting.

If you think, Kadhai Osai deserves your support, your humble contribution will help us continue to create quality audio books.