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Chittukuruvi Podcast

Hi, I am Deepika Arun. I am an educator by passion and I strongly believe that stories are great educational tools. In my experience with children, I found that children are hesitant to read, especially Tamil stories. I also was saddened to see children unable to pronounce Tamil words or letters correctly.

So, I decided to start a podcast for children in Tamil.  I started posting stories, puzzles, songs, tongue-twisters etc., in great Tamil! My daughter Samyuktha Arun plays an active role as well in the recording! You can follow Chittukuruvi podcast on Google Podcasts, Apple Podcasts or Spotify

Chittukuruvi Podcast runs on your support

Chittukuruvi Podcast has been non-commercial and we would like to retain it so. To enable us produce quality Tamil content for children, we need your support.

As you know, we at Chittukuruvi podcast are very particular about our quality not just in terms of the content but also sound quality. We use professional mic and sound-editing software to bring about the best experience for you and your child. Every episode requires a lot of effort in recording, editing, proof-listening and posting.

If you think, Chittu kuruvi deserves your support, your humble contribution will help us continue to create great content in Tamil for Children.