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About Kadhai Osai by Deepika Arun

Hi, I am Deepika Arun. I discovered the joy of audiobooks when I was listening to Harry Potter Audio Books. But I was saddened to see that there were no quality Audio Books in Tamil.

So, I decided to start recording them myself for people who are passionate about Tamil literature, even if they can’t read Tamil. I started off with Authors whose books are copyright-free, like Amarar Kalki, La Sa Ra, Puthumaipithan and others. Thanks to your support, I have now narrated over 100 stories on different platforms. I am now one of the leading Audiobook Narrators in the country! Do listen to my audiobooks on Kadhai Osai & Storytel.

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Our efforts have been recognized and written about in some popular publications. You can find the link for the same below.

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Kadhai Osai has been non-commercial and we would like to retain it so. To enable us produce quality audio-books, we need your support.

As you know, we at Kadhai Osai are very particular about our quality not just in terms of pronunciation/modulation but also sound quality. We use professional mic and sound-editing software to bring about the best experience for you. Every episode requires a lot of effort in recording, editing, proof-listening and posting.

If you think, Kadhai Osai deserves your support, your humble contribution will help us continue to create quality audio books.

Popular Books

We are always in the process of adding new books. Here are some of our most listened/most sought after:

Ponniyin Selvan

Author: Amarar Kalki

Listen on:

Google Podcast | Apple Podcast | Spotify | YouTube

Sivagamiyin Sabatham

Author: Amarar Kalki 

Listen on:

Google Podcast | Apple Podcast | Spotify | YouTube

Malai Kallan

Author: Namakkal Kavignar

Listen on:

Google Podcast | Apple Podcast | Spotify | YouTube